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MMR Hosts Tax and Banking Seminars in 2011

September 2011. MMR hosted its annual tax seminar in September with nearly 150 people from throughout Southern Illinois in attendance. The seminar, held in both Fairview Heights and Mt. Vernon, focused on topics such as tax increment financing and provided updates on estate and gift tax, income tax, employee benefits, bankruptcy and tax legislation. Presenters included Patrick B. Mathis, George E. Marifian, Kevin J. Richter, Kurt S. Schroeder, Mary E. Lopinot, Philip D. Speicher and David A. Gusewelle.

The firm also held its annual banking seminar in October in Mt. Vernon, where attendees were provided updates on banking law, electing S corporation status, mortgage foreclosures and bankruptcy. Presenters included Patrick B. Mathis, Kevin J. Stine, Brad W. Small, Mary E. Lopinot and Sandra J. Tatoian.

For more information about the firm's annual tax and banking seminars, please call 618-234-9800 or email

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