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Have you ever considered what happens to your assets when you die? What if you have minor children – do you have a guardian named for your child(ren)? Do you have descendants to whom you want to pass assets but whose money management concerns you? If your children are young when you die, do you want your children to receive their entire inheritance as soon as they turn 18?

All of these situations and many more are reasons to meet with a MMR estate planning attorney to prepare a will for you, whether your will establishes trusts for the benefit of your descendants or whether your will directs that all of your assets be transferred to a trust. A will is important to establish trusts upon your death, name a guardian for your minor children, to change default rules set forth in the state laws, and to ensure that a portion of your estate is given to a charity that is important to you.

The MMR estate planning attorneys have the experience to present you with options that make sense for your unique situation and family dynamics. We will work to draft a will that meets your needs and gives your peace of mind knowing that your assets will be administered as you desire.

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